Patranya Bhoolsuwan

Drawing on more than two decades in the media industry, Patranya's expertise extends to her ability to emcee and present keynotes at corporate events and conferences. As a moderator for panels, she is able to discuss a variety of topics, keep her panelists on track and on time, while asking the right questions to issue relevant and interesting for the audience.

What can Patranya do for my event?

  • Introduce presenters & sessions
  • Communicate organization's key message with context & clarity
  • Assist corporate teams in crafting event's scripts
  • Maintain flow & energy of event and improvise as needed
  • Interview key stakeholders & executives on stage or on camera and moderate panels

Where can Patranya emcee/speak?

  • Corporate conferences
  • Nonprofit fundraising galas
  • Industry & consumer trade shows
  • Award Ceremonies
  • In-person & virtual corporate videos
Patranya Bhoolsuwan
Patranya Bhoolsuwan
Patranya Bhoolsuwan

To schedule Patranya for your next speaking event, email her at